10 Hands-on Numeracy Ideas For Children

As a teacher of young children, I am aware of the huge benefits of students engaging in hands-on learning. In the early years, it is essential for children to have opportunities to engage in kinaesthetic learning where they can absorb themselves in activities and gain a comprehensive understanding of concepts. When teachers facilitate hands-on, kinaesthetic

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Integrating SAM Labs in the Classroom

I was fortunate to meet the SAM Labs team at the BETT Show earlier this year. Seeing the power of this technology immediately had me thinking of the possibilities this amazing resource could have in my classroom to drive student creativity and innovation.

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5 Literacy Bee-Bot Lesson Ideas For The Classroom

In this second installment of our Bee-Bot series we explore ways in which teachers can design creative learning experiences that integrate the Digital Technologies curriculum with English concepts to empower students’ to take ownership of their learning.

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Book week9

Ideas To Celebrate Book Week

  My favourite time of the year is approaching and I am getting really excited…Book Week will be here soon! Book Week is all about celebrating books as well as authors and illustrators. It’s a fantastic week and great to see young learners getting excited about books!

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5 Mathematics Bee-Bot Lesson Ideas For The Classroom

Bee-Bots are a wonderful digital technologies resource to introduce students to coding and computational thinking. The small robot can remember a sequence of up to 40 commands, directing it to move forwards and backwards in 15 cm increments, and to turn 90 degrees left and right.

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Active tray preview

5 Educational Ways To Use Your Active World Tray In The Classroom

As an early years teacher, I am always looking for resources that will help my students learn through hands-on experiences. When choosing materials for my classroom, I endeavor to find versatile resources that can be used for multiple purposes.

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Loose parts preview

Loose Parts In The Learning Environment

 What are loose parts? Loose parts are basically any loose, tactile materials and found objects that children can move about during play and exploration. They’re versatile, open-ended and can be added to any learning environment for children to adapt and to turn into anything their imagination allows.

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Makerspace Flatlay Image

What Is A Makerspace?

What is a Makerspace? A Makerspace can be any space in your school where students are able to come together to design, experiment, invent, craft and create. Makerspaces typically have a STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) focus, but can be tailored to apply to learning across all subject areas.

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LEGO Steam Park Preview

How To Integrate STEAM Into Your Early Years Classroom

STEAM – it’s a word that we’ve been hearing a lot of over the past few years. This year, the school I’m working at has STEAM as a focus for learning, so I have been particularly interested in learning more about this learning area and how I can integrate it into my Prep classroom.

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Children experiencing pretend play in a mock up kitchen

Why Pretend Play Matters

Leading clinical psychologist, Dr Martine Prunty shares why Pretend Play is vital to children’s wellbeing, plus how educators and parents can foster pretend play within their own classrooms and at home.

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