Peg name activity featuring pegs with letters on clipped to card with name spelt out

10 Name Activities For Early Learners

Heidi Overbye

Most young children are very interested in their name and it is incredibly personal to them. Often, a child’s name is the first word they learn how to read and write, which leads to further interest in reading and writing activities. When a child starts kindergarten or in the lead up to school, this is

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Christmas Craft images hanging on string with pegs with Christmas themed background

Spark The Christmas Imagination

Olivia Siddaway

Christmas is such a delightful time of the year. The anticipation of this joyous occasion brings such an amazing atmosphere to the art room as the impending holidays approach. Students of all ages embrace the opportunity to create festive-themed pieces that are treasured on trees and shelves in their family homes. With such a wide

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Mirrors and Reflections Rainbow Arch

Mirrors And Reflections In The Learning Environment

Penny Groen

We see reflected and mirrored images wherever we go. From our own reflections looking back at us in the bathroom mirror or a shop window to the reflections of nature on a still lake or in our car’s rear-view or side mirrors – we are surrounded by reflections! Mirrors and reflections can bring curiosity, fascination

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Maths resources on desk

Catching Up On Maths

Dr Paul Swan

Playing Catch-up Teachers and parents have done an incredible job working together to minimise the disruption to children’s schooling this year. Clearly though, the unique circumstances of this year will have us all playing catch-up for some time. For teachers, this means that getting the most value out of your class time and resources has

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Robot Mouse Australia map activity

The Robot Mouse In An Early Years Classroom

Taylor Donnelly

Introducing Digital Technologies into classrooms can be daunting for some and a pure thrill for others. Between balancing an overloaded curriculum, differentiating for a diverse range of learners and ticking off a never-ending to-do list, who has time for robotics? I get it. Well, I’m here to share how to introduce robotics into your early

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Staying Active at Home_ girl and boy crossing midline on floor

Keep Children Active While At Home

Robyn Papworth

To help children to achieve their 180 minutes of physical activity per day (as recommended by the Department of Health), spread out their active play and gross motor activities across small time increments throughout the day. In this blog, written by Robyn Papworth, an accredited Exercise Physiologist, Masters qualified Development Educator and mother of three

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LEGO Education Spike Prime dancing robot and laptop in background

LEGO Education® SPIKE™ Prime Activities

Eleni Kyritsis

LEGO® bricks have been a staple resource in schools around the world since they were first manufactured in 1949. In recent years, the LEGO® Education team has continued to develop and support STEM learning experiences for our students by creating a range of products that incorporate technologies, robotics and computer programming. The LEGO product range

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microbit sleeve preview image

Creating Real World Solutions With The Micro:bit

Eleni Kyritsis

The BBC Micro:bit is a favourite Digital Technologies tool of mine that allows our students to design solutions to problems, create games, make music and respond to the surrounding environment. The small handheld micro-controller can be coded by students using Block Code, Python, Javascript or Scratch 3.0, making it a versatile tool that can be

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Everyone Belongs

Everyone Belongs: Celebrating Harmony Day In The Classroom

Heidi Overbye

Australia is an incredibly diverse country that people from many different backgrounds call home. Considering that nearly half of Australians are either born overseas, or have one or more parents that have been born overseas (Australian Bureau of Statistics), it is no wonder that Australia is considered one of the most culturally diverse countries in

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Celebrating Christmas Sign

Celebrating Christmas In The Classroom Part Two

Heidi Overbye

It’s almost everybody’s favourite time of the year again… Christmas is coming! As a teacher, I love this time of year – assessment is complete, report cards are handed in, it is time to celebrate a year of achievements!

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