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5 Educational Ways To Use Your Active World Tray In The Classroom

As an early years teacher, I am always looking for resources that will help my students learn through hands-on experiences. When choosing materials for my classroom, I endeavor to find versatile resources that can be used for multiple purposes.

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Lego Draws

How Do You Store Your LEGO®?

LEGO® storage is important. Done badly and you will spend your days finding LEGO elements in the strangest places, dealing with frustrated kids telling you for the third time that they can’t find the grey thingumy-jig and dreading the day your admins ask you to update the school’s asset register.  Done correctly and your students

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Loose parts preview

Loose Parts In The Learning Environment

 What are loose parts? Loose parts are basically any loose, tactile materials and found objects that children can move about during play and exploration. They’re versatile, open-ended and can be added to any learning environment for children to adapt and to turn into anything their imagination allows.

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What Is A Makerspace?

What is a Makerspace? A Makerspace can be any space in your school where students are able to come together to design, experiment, invent, craft and create. Makerspaces typically have a STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) focus, but can be tailored to apply to learning across all subject areas.

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LEGO Steam Park Preview

How To Integrate STEAM Into Your Early Years Classroom

STEAM – it’s a word that we’ve been hearing a lot of over the past few years. This year, the school I’m working at has STEAM as a focus for learning, so I have been particularly interested in learning more about this learning area and how I can integrate it into my Prep classroom.

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Girls playing with tea party toys

The Importance And Possibilities Of Play

Play matters! In fact, there has never been a more prolific time than now for research into the importance of play. In this blog post, Kim Moroney Education Officer of Early Learning at the Catholic Schools Office in Newcastle advocates for the importance of play for every child.

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