Authentic resources in the cultural space can be so creative! We love hearing how you use them with your students and children to engage, teach and tell stories. With a stronger focus on embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives into both the Early Years Learning Framework and the Australian Curriculum, our goal, as always, is to support you in your teaching practice.  


The new EYLF V2.0 has been updated to include the importance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ways of being, knowing and doing, and inclusion. A new principle on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives emphasises the importance of respectfully and truthfully reflecting the history and culture of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. This is achieved through community involvement and culturally sensitive practices.


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures are embedded into the new curriculum as a ‘cross-curriculum priority’. In short that means incorporating it through content and enriching learning in the most authentic way! Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures is incorporated through content to deepen students’ understanding of First Nations Australian histories and cultures. 


We’re excited to show you what’s new this year and how to make the most of these resources. From books and craft to puzzles and games, we’ve rounded up the best new cultural resources in 2024 right here. (Remember to check out our tried & trusted favourites too!) 


Children’s Books


Beautiful big books 

Beautiful big books opened centerfold

We love this distinctive series, illustrated and written by talented Aboriginal artist and storyteller Kiz Costelloe, a proud Mandandanji and Noonuccal woman. All A3 size with 16 pages in each, they suit ages three and above. Storytime with big books (all those captivating illustrations and stories!) increase children’s imagination and sensory learning skills, plus provide wonderful classroom discussions. Here, children learn about food and animals that are not just a source of inspiration but have cultural significance. 


Gathering Bush Tucker Big Book  

This book takes young readers on a journey into the heart of Indigenous culture… travel through the Australian outback and learn about bush tucker, from honey ants to emu eggs.   


Creatures from Sea Country Big Book 

Readers encounter sea creatures from a graceful sea turtle to a shy octopus, as well as pay homage to Indigenous communities and their deep connection to the ocean.  


Animals from Land Country (Aboriginal Art) Big Book 

In Indigenous culture, native animals are bearers of ancient wisdom, guardians of the land and symbols of deep spiritual meaning. Here, children explore the diversity of Australia’s animals from a shy echidna to a graceful kangaroo. 


About the artist: Kiz was born and raised in Rockhampton, Queensland with her mum and sister. Her elders are her biggest inspiration and getting to carry on her Uncle’s legacy by pursuing art and sharing his name and stories is something she values very deeply. 



Our Yarning Stories  

Yarning Stories Books

This inspiring library of books has been written by First Nations people to reflect diverse cultural identities from regional, remote, rural and urban communities. Each set contains ten stories focusing on connection to the world around us. Research shows that children achieve more when they begin their learning journey reading stories that reflect the lived experiences of their community and history, engaging children to become life-long learners. These authentic collections make a wonderful addition to any children’s book library. 


Let’s Start Reading 

Hug a Bug, Bush Sounds, Tiny Dancer, Wheels Are All Around… these are just some of the titles in this set that build curiosity and fascination with our world. 


Let’s Connect with Country & Culture 

This set of stories talks to the importance of community, country and culture. Titles include Feet on the Ground, Where I’m From, Being Me, Island Boy Dreams and The Big Storm. 


Let’s Get Active 

Let’s Play Footy, Not Inside, Learning with Grandpa… this book set celebrates connection to family, community and adventure! 


Let’s See Animals 

In this set, readers explore native wildlife from an Indigenous perspective. Titles include: Crocodiles in My Uncle’s Yard, Baby Bird and Bush Basketball (will that cheating emu ever play fair?). 


Let’s Collect Tucker 

Readers are invited to get stuck into some bush tucker with delicious tales of bush food and connection to country. Titles include Eggs For Breakfast, Nanna’s Barramundi and Waiting for Mangoes. Yum!  



Puzzles and games

Board games, memory games, snap card games… we have some new cultural resources in this area that feature stunning illustrations and are perfect for developing cognitive skills and hand-eye coordination, as well as helping children to learn about Aboriginal culture and history.  

Let’s take a look at some of our new kits and sets. 



Aboriginal Art 10 Puzzle & Poster Set 

Aboriginal Puzzles

This set features 10 beautiful hand-cut animal puzzles created by Aboriginal artists Kiz Costelloe & Rhea Blair-Kearins. Each puzzle has 18 pieces to keep little hands and minds busy. 



Aboriginal Games Kit 

Aboriginal board games

This kit offers up a collection of Aboriginal games to set up your centre or school space. It includes: 


  • The Bushwalk Bush Tucker Board Game 
  • Serpents and Sticks Board Game 
  • Aboriginal Art Animals Memory Game 
  • Matching Aboriginal Art Game 
  • Aboriginal Tools Memory Cards 




Fave from the kit: 

The Bushwalk Bush Tucker Board Game  The Bushwalk Bush Tucker Board Game

A fun way to teach little ones all about bush tucker! Follow the animal track and move forward but be careful of those snakes! The first person to get to the campfire wins. Perfect for ages three years and above. It’s hand-made in Australia from radiata pine with artwork by Kiz Costelloe. 






Aboriginal Bush Food Kit 

Aboriginal games kit

Set up a cultural corner with this kit of books, games, signs and more. It’s ideal for learning about traditional bush food, encouraging role-play and opening conversations about First Nations People and their culture. For thousands of years, Aboriginal people have utilised and cared for the Australian landscape. Plant foods consumed across the continent varies greatly, and the harvesting of these foods forms an important part of cultural, spiritual and community life. This educational kit includes:   

  • Bush Tucker Poster 
  • Bush Foods Snap 
  • Bush Foods Snap-Saltwater Country 
  • Bush Food Garden Sign 
  • Gathering Bush Tucker Big Book 
  • Australian Indigenous Food Set 



Fave from the kit: 

Bush Foods Snap – Saltwater Country Bush Foods Snap – Saltwater Country

With this Snap Game (which can also be used as a Memory Game), children can learn about the concept of matching pairs and learn about some Australian native plant bush foods found on Saltwater Country. 








Aboriginal Symbols Kit 

 Aboriginal Symbols Kit

An easy way to increase the cultural insight of children is by teaching commonly recognised Aboriginal symbols. Aboriginal symbols represent the earliest form of communication used by our First Nations people and are a special way in which Aboriginal stories are told and shared. Their use and meanings vary across the country and between Aboriginal groups. This kit is perfect for developing an understanding of the meanings of each symbol. It includes: 

  • 20 Aboriginal Symbols Sign 
  • Aboriginal Art Symbols Memory Game 
  • Ceremony Symbols Bunting 
  • Aboriginal Symbol Cards 



Faves from the kit: 

20 Aboriginal Symbols Sign20 Aboriginal Symbols Sign

This bright and colourful rainbow Aboriginal Symbols Sign showcases 20 symbols. Hang in your classroom or use flat on a desk and use in storytelling and art activities. 





Faves from the kit: 

Aboriginal Symbol Cardsrica1302

This set of 20 Aboriginal Symbols cards is A6 in size with each made of high quality 350gsm artboard. Aboriginal symbols are often used to express stories around hunting and tracking, animals, connection to country, and people and community. 


Faves from the kit: 

Aboriginal Art Symbols Memory Games Aboriginal Art Symbols Memory Games

Engage with Aboriginal art while developing your memory skills with this fun, educational game that features matching pairs of Aboriginal symbols. 24 cards (12 matching pairs) are presented in a pine wooden tray. 


About the artist: Card art is by Shareen Clayton, a proud Wiradjuri woman, born and raised in Sydney, NSW. She’s mastered her skills in art for over 20 years having been inspired by her artistic parents. 






Aboriginal Symbols Sand Drawing Games 

Shareen Clayton has also provided the symbol illustrations for this sensory resource that lets children create art patterns. Little fingers can trace 16 Aboriginal symbols in the sand for a unique sensory experience. Once the symbol is drawn, use a screed to smooth out the sand so children can create their next masterpiece. Ideal for those aged three and above. 




Aboriginal Animal Flag Puzzle Luke Mallie 

Aboriginal Animal Flag Puzzle Luke Mallie 

Luke Mallie is an award-winning artist who has earned the reputation as one of Australia’s best Indigenous artists and designers for his amazing artwork. This beautiful Luke Mallie artwork of animal designs layered on the Aboriginal flag represents the connection of animals to country. 20 puzzle pieces ideal for little ones aged three and above. 



Art and craft



Bayadherra Art Smock

Bayadherra Art Smock  

We adore this and think you will too! When little ones want to indulge in messy play, this long-sleeved Creatistics art smock helps keep clothes dry and clean. It’s designed in collaboration with Bayadherra, founded by proud Aboriginal Yorta Yorta brother and sister Luke and Siena Tieri. Best of all, it’s easy to pop on or off, comfortable to wear and can be quickly wiped down after use. It’s available in sizing for the littlest artists (1–3 years) and older children (3–6 years) and also comes in sets of 10 for your group of art-loving children.  


About the artist: 100% Aboriginal-owned and operated, Bayadherra is a group of emerging artists with a mission to promote reconciliation, cultural awareness and understanding by reflecting their First Nations heritage in authentic contemporary art pieces. ‘Bayadherra’ in Yorta Yorta language means ‘turtle’, the spiritual animal totem of the Yorta Yorta clan: a name reflective of Luke and Siena’s Aboriginal identity and connection to community and Country. 


Room decor


Durable floor mats  

When you’re building your suite of cultural resources for your centre or school, consider these statement floor mats with authentic artwork digitally printed onto them. We love these colourful new designs that are so functional for creating zones, as well as vibrant for play and creating an authentically inspiring space. These mats feature artwork by First Nations visual artist, John Smith Gumbula. They’re tough and ready for action too! Both mats feature a durable short weave polyester surface with non-slip rubber backing, so they’re great on hard floors or carpet (200 cm in length and 140 cm in width). 



Dreamtime Country Sacred Lands Indoor Floor Mat

Dreamtime Country Sacred Lands Indoor Floor MatThis first mat in our showcase features Gumbula’s artwork ‘My Country, Sacred Place’. 




Darambal Country Indoor Floor MatDarambal Country Indoor Floor Mat

This second amazing, printed floor mat showcases the artwork ‘Darumbal Country’. 





Ready to support your teaching practice with some amazing new cultural resources? Hit the links and please let us know how your children or students connect with these authentic resources. Happy teaching! 


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