Back to school classroom overhead view

Back-to-School Essentials

Eleni Kyritsis

Every new school year brings with it a level of excitement for both teachers and students. It is my favourite time of the year as everyone begins with a fresh start and an enthused energy for the year ahead. For teachers, we have the privilege of getting to teach a new class of students, designing

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Creating Welcoming & Calming Learning Text and Plant pot Vector graphic

Creating Welcoming & Calming Learning Spaces

Penny Groen

What a year it’s been! In fact, what a few years it’s been! A few years of a rapidly evolving ‘new normal’ which is affecting us all in countless ways. We’re all impacted by what’s happening around us, and when the physical and emotional demands of our day-to-day tasks and experiences exceed the amount of

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Girl building Lego Education Robotics model in classroom

10 Ways LEGO Education Will Transform Your STEM Lessons

LEGO® Education products are perfect for children who need a little more time to grasp STEM concepts, or who learn better hands-on.  10 primary teachers share their thoughts on the STEM solution bringing fun back into tech class.

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Setting up your classroom featuring welcome sign and colourful carpet

Getting Organised For The New School Year

Heidi Overbye

When you think about the new school year, how do you feel? Motivated? Excited? Nervous? Anxious? I usually feel a combination of all of the above! On top of all these feelings, it’s easy to feel incredibly overwhelmed during this very busy time of year. I find the easiest way to beat that overwhelmed feeling

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Children reading in classroom

Explicit Instruction – What Does This Mean?

Joy Allcock

I started my career as an occupational therapist. My job was to help people relearn how to do things in their everyday life after experiencing an illness or disability. To do this I had to do two things: firstly, I had to analyse the task to establish exactly what the person needed in order to

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Joy Allcock Catching Up Your Code

Alphabetic Code Knowledge – The Key To Unlocking Written English

Joy Allcock

We are faced with unprecedented challenges in education at the moment. Teachers are juggling face-to-face teaching and distance learning and wondering what they should do to maximise learning opportunities for their students. John Hattie has some wise advice. “We should focus on the things that can have the greatest impact and stop being distracted by

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Remote Learning montage vector image including laptop clock think bubble and textbook

18 Tips And Tricks For Educators New To Remote Teaching

Arduino Education

With much of the world under lockdown, schools closed, and parents and students working and learning from home, educators everywhere are finding alternative ways of teaching their classes remotely. Many schools are set up for some kind of remote learning, but there are an equal number for whom this is a whole new world, especially

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Girl picking fruit preview

Sustainability In The Early Years

Laura Bombara

Young children in many early childhood settings around the world are demonstrating awareness of their impact on the environment and ways to minimise it. A five-year-old in Ireland reportedly explained to an international research group that sustainability means ‘to save the world for later’

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The proudfoot books fanned spread

The Proud Foots Adventure Series: Q&A With Author Lucas Proudfoot

Lucas Proudfoot

Lucas Proudfoot is one of Australia’s most versatile children’s performers, playing guitar, didgeridoo and stomp box to over 120,00 kids each year. He is a multi-platform storyteller, sharing stories through his music, books and live performances. Following the release of his first book, Shaka Shaka Hawaii, from his five-part adventure book series, The Proud Foots,

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Young girl exploring whilst walking over tree roots

Magic And Wonder: Creating A World Where Children Lead

Neville Dwyer

“Drink in the beauty and wonder at the meaning of what you see.” Rachel Carson   I recently watched the film ‘Mary Poppins Returns’, and as the film came to a wonderful and uplifting end, I was struck by a couple of strong elements that weave their way through the film and demonstrate how we

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