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Starting A Worm Farm

Kid adding scraps to worm farm

A worm farm is a great way to recycle organic waste that would ordinarily end up as landfill. This organic waste would include food ‘waste’ (such as food scraps and from school canteens or childcare centre kitchens, lunch box leftovers etc.) and garden waste (such as leaf debris, weeds, plant trimmings etc.)  The worms gobble up the waste and turn it into nutrient rich plant food Continue reading “Starting A Worm Farm”

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Loose Parts In The Learning Environment

 What are loose parts?

Loose parts are basically any loose, tactile materials and found objects that children can move about during play and exploration. They’re versatile, open-ended and can be added to any learning environment for children to adapt and to turn into anything their imagination allows.

Continue reading “Loose Parts In The Learning Environment”